MAC,如何在MAC 上的vmwave 開啟已經安裝的 Boot Camp partition

如何在MAC 上的vmwave 開啟已經安裝的 Boot Camp partition

再開啟後的 Fusion’s menu 菜單bar,選取 Window > Virtual Machine Library.

勾選顯示在下拉式選單上的 Boot Camp partition.

Note: In Fusion 3.x, if you don’t see your Boot Camp partition, you’ll need to re-add it to the Virtual Machine Library. To do so:
Click the Home icon on the left side.
Click Run Windows from your Boot Camp partition on the right.

When prompted, provide your Mac OS password for authentication. Fusion prepares the Boot Camp partition to run in a virtual environment. This may take several minutes. When preparation is completed, the Boot Camp partition launches.

Note: In Fusion 3.1, the ability to remember this password was added. After entering your password, Fusion will ask:

Would you like to be asked for administrative privileges every time you access Boot camp Disks?

Select Never Ask to have Fusion remember your password and not prompt you for it again.

When prompted, proceed with the installation of VMware Tools.

When prompted, restart Windows.

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