ICBlock 一套初階IC 韌體程式開發平台

ICBlock是一套初階IC 韌體程式開發平台,讓程式設計語言初學者能夠不需先學習正確語言語法便能造出成果,並且執行在特定的IC 上。此軟件目的是促進青少年在愉快的環境下透過實驗、和互動設計。去學習簡單IC 韌體程式設計、數學和計算知識,同時也得到創造性的思考,系統推理,和協同工作的機會,並對電子和物聯網產生興趣。ICBlock 開發平台不需要安裝,直些透過網頁就可練習。如需要燒錄實際IC 韌體時,僅需安裝在Mac OS、Mac OS X、Windows、Ubuntu和Debian的平台上的軟體和特定的實驗版,就能進行燒錄的動作。

ICBlock is an IC firmware programming development platform, programming language for beginners can learn the correct language syntax without learning IC language like Keil C or Assembler language, and result can executed on a specific IC and development board. This software aims to promote young people in a pleasant environment, through experiments, and interactive design. IC firmware to learn simple programming, mathematics and computing knowledge, but also by the creative thinking, reasoning systems, and the opportunity to work together, and to generate interest in electronics and make products. ICBlock development platform does not require installation, just link to www.powenko.com/icblock, and enjoy it. If you need to burn the code to IC, just install a software for Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu and Debian platform, and special hardware development board, you could see the result on really device.

for the detail, please see www.powenko.com/icblock

  • 網站:http://www.powenko.com/icblock
  • 目前版本: 0.3 beta 內部測試版
  • Release 時間: 2015/01/18
  • 更新資訊:添加 forever 的觀念,設定值正確,可以在iOS, android上使用。
  • 進度:初步階段,證明概念的可行性,目前進行維護,還需廠商贊助和商業合作。

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.06.20 AM


  • 版本: 0.3 beta,內部測試版 2015/08/24,可縮放式的程式區。

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.06.20 AM


  • 版本: 0.2 beta,內部測試版 2015/01/14,添加操作介面。

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.03.51 AM

  • 版本: 0.1 beta,內部測試版 2015/01/14,證明程式自動產生器的能力。

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 6.30.10 PM

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