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Built-in Pathfinding
Unity 3.5 helps you quickly bring your scene to life with automatic navigation mesh (NavMesh) generation.

NavMeshes describe the boundaries of any navigable space in your game and are used at runtime for path-finding. In Unity 3.5, you can now bake your navigation data in the editor, and let Unity’s high-performance path-finding and crowd simulation take over at runtime.



Hey guys. Obviously I’ve been pretty busy and since I’d like to spend the spare time coding time I have on Behave, I have just made the Path repository publicly available with an MIT license attached.


Note that I will be monitoring and taking in pull requests as well as compiling builds for releasing into the asset store (obviously as a free package). Let’s make this project as awesome as can be

Issue tracking and wiki development (I would appreciate collaborators on that as well) is still happening on https://github.com/AngryAnt/Path-release.





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