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200 iOS Tutorials  in here

iOS Mac AP

The Quartz drawingMAC Tutorials A00

Unity 3D C#

100 Tutorials Unity 3D

3D Max

3DMax Tutorial

Android System

tutorial 001, install ubuntu for build android system.

Android Tutorial, Hardware, BlueTooth

Win Mobile 7

100 , XNA, Network,

Android NDK

001, Install NDK on MAC
002, Install Eclipse CDT
003, Install NDK on MAC with Eclipse


 PCB Tutorial 001, Eagle Library Design

002, remote controller


Tutorial 030 , Digital Photoshop Painting Tutorials

Photoshop,Tutorial 031 , photo become a painting

Tutorial 032 ,Photo To Colored Dot Pattern In

Tutorial 033 , photo become a painting


001,Nature, woods


Sound 001


Tutorial 000, note, Frequently used acronyms

 001, Install Android SDK on MAC


 008-1, String, String format

Tutorial 09-1, Array, ArrayList

009-2, Array, HashMap

Tutorial 010, UI, TextView

Tutorial 010-1, UI, TextView marquee

010-2,TextView android:textStyle

Tutorial 011-1, UI, ImageButton , different kind of way to call ClickListener

Tutorial 011-2, UI, ImageButton-pressed and up change image

012, UI, EditView

012-1, UI, EditView onChange event in Android

android:lines012-2 ,EditText in Android

012-3, EditText widget to be readonly

012-4, EditText ,Right align EditText android

013-1, UI, ImageView, display image from local file.

 013-2, UI, ImageView, display image from URL, set wallpage

 013-3, UI, ImageView, display image from local, if no exit , download it

013-4, UI, ImageView, slideshow

014, UI, AutoCompleteTextView


 018, Activity, Activity

018-1, Activity, change page and pass data t next page.

018-2, Activity, Activity with animation


019-1, Dialog, Toast

 019-2, Dialog, Toast with position

019-3, Dialog, Custom Toast with position

Tutorial 019-10, Dialog, Creating Dialogs

019-15, Dialog, Color pick Dialog

019-16, Dialog, PopupWindow

019-17, Dialog, PopupWindow resize

019-18, Dialog, PopupWindow with viewFlipper, menu

019-19, Dialog, Sliding drawer

UI Layout design

020, Layout, Linear Layout

020-1, Layout,Merging Layouts

020-2, Layout,tiled background

020-3, Layout, Linear Layout 9 Grid

020-3-2, Layout, Linear Layout 9 Grid Center

020-4, Layout, include other layout

 020-5, Layout, TableLayout

020-6, Layout, TableLayout, dynamically adding rows to TableLayout

020-7, Layout, add other layout via code at the run-time

UI Bar Status

 021-1, UI,Remove Title Bar on Android Application

021-2, UI,Android Hide Status Bar

021-3, UI,Status Bar,Creating Status Bar Notifications


Tutorial 025, Input, customer , Dragging and Dropping

26-1, OCR

UI Tab

Tutorial 029-2, UI, Tab at the bottom of the screen

Tutorial 029-1, UI, Tab via layout xml

Tutorial 029, UI, Tab

Tutorial 029-3, UI, Tab at the bottom of the screen via XML

Tutorial 029-4, UI, Tab How do I change the background?

Tutorial 029-5, UI, Tab with navigation function.

Tutorial 029-6, UI, Tab How do I change the background of an Android tab widget?

029-7, UI, Tab customizations


Tutorial 032-3, ListView, Custom ListView items and adapters

Tutorial 032-4, ListView, Custom ListView items and adapters extends Activity

Tutorial 032-5, ListView, slow way, good way, fast way,

39-2, Sound, Analyze the frequency and strength of sound in Android

Custom UI

Tutorial 040, UI, Custom iphone style spin on android.

Tutorial 040-1, UI, Custom iphone style spin and multi list on android

040-2, UI, Custom iphone style spin with XML component.

040-3, UI, Custom odometer

Tutorial 041, UI, Custom, iphone uisegmentedcontrol like on android

Tutorial 042, UI, Custom, iphone style UISearchBar like on android

043, image process, custom button.

043-1, custom your UI components on XML Layout.

Tutorial 047-1, ScrollView, Custom ScrollView items and adapters

 047-2, Layout, iphone style table

047-5, ScrollView, Viewflipper

 android, Tutorial 048, UI, customer , ebook flip effect.

 048-1, UI, customer , coverflow

Tutorial 049, UI, Custom, pdf reader

Internet function

Tutorial 050, internet, http Get request

Tutorial 051-1, internet, http Post request

Tutorial 051-2, internet, http SOAP

Tutorial 051-3, internet, http SOAP with kSOAP 2 lib

052-1, internet, Twitter

053-1, internet, download, download image and save to local file.

054-1, internet, WebView begin

054-2, internet, WebView in view

 054-3, internet, WebView in view and display loading progress

Data process , XML, JSON
Tutorial 060, Data, XML XmlPullParser solution

Tutorial 060-1, Data, SAX XML Parser

Tutorial 060-2, Data, DOMParser

Tutorial 060-3, Data, PList parser

Tutorial 061, Data, JSON, json-simple

Tutorial 061-1, Data, JSON,JSON PRC lib


62 SQLitee


065-1, File, read and write, get last Modified time

065-2, File, read and write, copy all folder and subfolder, SD files to APP , APP files to SD

065-3, File, write , check file and delete

065-4, File, get Cache Dir, File Dir

065-10, File, zip


Android Tutorial 070,security, SHA-1 hash

Android Tutorial 070-1,security,MD5


Tutorial 078, hardware, Google USB Driver

078-1, hardware, URI, Tel, SMS, Map, Email, Email with ImageView


Tutorial 080-1, Thread, Runnable clock

Tutorial 080-2, Thread, Timer clock

Tutorial 080-3, Thread, AsyncTask

 Tutorial 080-4, Thread, Handler And Run, update the UI at the thread mode


84-1, get google key, android maps api

84-2, get gps

84-2-1, Get the phone’s last known location using LocationManager

84-3, map, display map.

84-3, map, display map zoom


Tutorial 085-1, Animation, move rotation

085-2, Animation,Animation_Alpha

 085-2, Animation,Animation move.

085-3, Animation,move roller Scrolling Text

 085-5, Animation,Scale

085-6, Animation,XML

085-10, Animation,Animation Rotation

Image Process

086-1, image process,Combine two images in android java

the final result, showing an image with transparencyRemove background

086-2, image process,How to BAKE rounded corners


087, canvas in your android apps


 88-Quartz, circle

88-1 , Quartz, circle with background image

88-2 , Quartz, square with background image


Android, Tutorial 090, System, Android input method editors

090-1, System, software keyboard hide and show

Tutorial 091, System, Memory Leaks

095, System, Date and Time

096, Multi language Unlocalized Application


Android Tutorial 100, animation , Creating animation


Tutorial 110, web api , JAR, add jar

Tutorial 110-1, web api , JAR, Create an Android Jar Library JAR


Tutorial 111, web api ,Using Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet API’s for Android


120-12, Opengl with android UI

120-13, Opengl with android user input


Android Tutorial 200, NDK , Hello NDK


 210, hardware, IOIO

211, Hardware, Android Open Accessory Development Kit

212, Hardware, beagle board


300, PowenKo’s Android Market

301, APP,Calendar


Android, supportFunctions

android reference

UI Guidelines for mobile and tablet web app design

Android Tablet,Tablet UI patterns

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