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December 20, 2012   ·   0 Comments

PowenKo new develop  APP product: Taiwan Realty Mobile APP


Do you very interested in the area, and would like to know near the house for sale? Fast download and install “Taiwan Realty Mobile APP”” immediately glance!

“Taiwan Realty Mobile APP” Features Description:

An easy-to-use search feature
1, GPS positioning search: automatically search your location house for sale that match the search criteria.
2 map to search for and present: to easy intuitive drag the map to the area of ​​interest, and presented on the map immediately comply with the conditions of the housing.
3 counties area search: custom search specific counties regional qualifying housing.

Glance search results
Map mode: directly on the map marked out in line with the conditions of housing, so that you clearly know more about the living environment near.
2, list mode: allows you to more rapid and simple browsing comply with the conditions of housing, can also be more in line with the conditions of the housing further search.

Third, a clear and detailed breakdown introduced
1, to provide a description of the housing of professionals the location map pattern maps, photos, and other details, so you more detailed understanding of the housing.
, The Taiwan housing services to provide housing near stronghold, so you can immediately Kanwu to avoid disappointment.
3, to provide a useful path planning, so that you can more quickly reach the house or stronghold location.

Fourth, Favorite
More convenient for you the the favorite housing data stored, for comparison.

V. News
You can see the latest and the most professional housing market news on the phone.

Price: free

download: here


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