Support for TMX maps Tiled Map


Unity 3D

  • Orthello Pro (2D framework) offers Tiled map support.
  • Tiled Tilemaps library by Karnak Games adds support for Orthogonal TMX maps to Unity, with automatic collision detection.
  • Tiled To Unity is a 3D pipeline for Tiled maps. It uses prefabs as tiles, and can place decorations dynamically on tiles. Supports multiple layers (including object layers).
  • Tiled2Unity exports TMX files to Unity with support for (non-simple) collisions.
  • UniTMX imports TMX files into a mesh.
  • X-UniTMX supports almost all Tiled 0.10 features. Imports TMX/XML files into Sprite Objects or Meshes.




  • AndroidTMXLoader loads TMX data into an object and renders to an Android Bitmap (limited functionality)
  • libtiled-java port is a port of the libtiled-java to be used on Android phones.


  • TMXParser General *.tmx tileset data loader. Intended to be used with TSXParser for external tileset loading. (No internal tileset support)
  • TSXParser General *.tsx tileset data loader. Intended to be used with TMXParser.
  • allegro_tiled integrates Tiled support with Allegro 5.
  • TMX XML and JSON map loader with Allegro5 and SDL2 examples (BSD).



  • tiledMap.d simple single-layer and single-tileset example to load a map and its tileset in D language. It also contains basic rendering logic using DSFML


Construct 2 – Scirra

  • Construct 2, since the Beta Release 149, officially supports TMX maps, and importing it by simple dragging the file inside the editor. Official Note



Game Maker



  • HaxePunk Tiled Loader for HaxePunk
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Flambe Tiled support for Flambe
  • OpenFL “openfl-tiled” is a library, which gives OpenFL developers the ability to use the Tiled Map Editor.
  • OpenFL + Tiled + Flixel Experimental glue to use “openfl-tiled” with HaxeFlixel


  • Canvas Engine A framework to create video games in HTML5 Canvas
  • chesterGL A simple WebGL/canvas game library
  • KineticJs-Ext A multi-canvas based game rendering library
  • melonJS A lightweight HTML5 game engine
  • Platypus Engine A robust orthogonal tile game engine with game entity library.
  • sprite.js A game framework for image sprites.
  • TMXjs A JavaScript, jQuery and RequireJS-based TMX (Tile Map XML) parser and renderer.
  • chem-tmx Plugin for chem game engine.
  • GameJs JavaScript library for game programming; a thin wrapper to draw on HTML5 canvas and other useful modules for game development
  • Crafty JavaScript HTML5 Game Engine; supports loading Tiled maps through an external component TiledMapBuilder.
  • Phaser A fast, free and fun open source framework supporting both JavaScript and TypeScript.



  • A library for loading TMX files is included with Tiled at util/java/libtiled-java.
  • libgdx, a Java-based Android/desktop/HTML5 game library, provides a packer, loader and renderer for TMX maps

LÖVE / Lua


Microsoft XNA/.NET

  • FlatRedBall Engine TMXGlue tool by Domenic Datti loads TMX maps into the FlatRedBall engine, complete with node networks, pathfinding, and shapecollection support via object layers.
  • TiledMax by Aimee Bailey, a .NET library for parsing TMX maps without dependencies on Windows or XNA
  • TMX Map Loader XNA for Windows Phone 7/8 by Lawrence Li. Ready to use, fully implemented XNA Content Pipeline library for TMX files on Windows Phone 7/8.
  • XTiled by Michael C. Neel and Dylan Wolf, XNA library for loading and rendering TMX maps
  • XNA map loader by Kevin Gadd, extended by Stephen Belanger and Zach Musgrave
  • TiledSharp: Yet another C# TMX importer library, with Tiled 0.9.1 support. TiledSharp is a generic parser which can be used in any framework, but it cannot be used to render the maps.
  • TmxCSharp: Useful for multi-layer orthographic tile engines. No framework dependencies, used with a custom OpenTK tile engine soon to be open source, tested with Tiled 0.8.1 (multiple output formats). MIT license.
  • NTiled: Generic parser for 0.9.1 tiled maps. Available via NuGet.

Monkey X

  • bit.tiled Loads TMX file as objects. Aims to be fully compatible with native TMX files.
  • Diddy is an extensive framework for Monkey X that contains a module for loading and rendering TMX files. Supports orthogonal and isometric maps as both CSV and Base64 (uncompressed).



  • PHP TMX Viewer by sebbu : render the map as an image (allow some modifications as well)


  • TMX parser: a simple loader for TMX maps (CSV format only).


  • Pygame map loader by dr0id
  • PyTMX by Leif Theden (bitcraft)
  • pytmxlib: library for programmatic manipulation of TMX maps
  • by Richard Jones, from his 2012 PyCon ‘Introduction to Game Development’ talk.




  • STP (SFML TMX Parser) by edoren


Sprite Kit Framework

  • Kobold Kit is a Sprite Kit game engine with a complete TMX object model (create, load & save TMX maps) and an optimized renderer for orthogonal tilemaps. Isometric support forthcoming.
  • JSTileMap is a lightweight SpriteKit implementation of the TMX format supporting iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 and above.

TERRA Engine (Delphi/Pascal)


  • librpg A library to load and handle spritesets (own format) and orthogonal TMX maps.


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