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Shader Replacement

This project shows various uses of shader replacement (RenderWithShader) functionality.





Being able to render scene with alternate set of shaders does have very interesting uses. This example project just scratches the surface of what is possible.


The project has several scenes showing different effects:

Depth of Field
A simple Depth-of-Field implementation. Shader replacement used to render blurriness factor of the scene.
Edge Detection
Edge detection image effect based on image-space normals and depth.
Glowing Things
Per-object colored glow. Some objects in the scene render themselves into glow mask texture.
Show Overdraw
A performance optimization tool that shows depth complexity of the scene.
Show RenderTypes
Shows different shader types used in Unity.
Show UV Mapping
A debugging tool that shows checkerboard UV mapping.
Soft Particles
Particles shader that fades out near intersections with the scene. Shader replacement used to render depth of the scene.
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