PowenKo will has a keynote at The Silicon Valley iOS Developers’ Meetup
Fun with GPUs and connecting with Arduino
Monday, April 16, 2012, 7:00 PM

Topics in the works: Fun with iOS GPUs (Bob Free) and connecting with the world of Arduino.

My Topic: Use iPad remote control the R/C car via Arduino.
for the detail, please see http://www.meetup.com/sviphone/events/26158931/





For the first half of our evening Bob Free will be speaking and demoing some great things that we can do with iOS GPUs.

In the second half, Scott Gustafson has organized a series of presentations on Arduino. From Scott:


Quick Intro to Arduino, IDE, derivatives (___duino), clones, variants (Teensy, Teensy++) [I’ll have samples of all these]
Links on where to get Arduinos (Adafruit, Modern Devices, SeeedStudio, Dangerous Prototypes, Sparkfun, CanaKit)
Demo with Arduino temperature data collection over RF network
Demo with Arduino on Ethernet/wifi network as HTTP server
Demo RFID with Arduino

Differences between Arduino and Teensy, and why a Teensy is probably better for direct iPad connection (and possibly everything else…)
Direct connections: audio, USB (iPad only), Bluetooth (keyboard emulation only)
How to communicate between an iOS app and an Arduino (iOS side)
What should the Arduino do vs. what should the app do? Where does the logic go?
What the Made for iPhone rules are: Rule 1: don’t talk.
How to do cool stuff with the SDK without hitting the app store rules: technical vs. policy restrictions
Demo: MIDI data logger


Use iPad control the home Electric light on/off. (  Android -> Bluetooth -> Arduino ->  Electric light) Used iPad Controlled (R/C) car via Arduino ( iOS->  USB dock -> Arduino -> toy car )

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