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3rd Party iOS Frameworks

Below is a list iOS frameworks you can incorporate into your own iPhone/iPad projects. Most are open source and will most likely result in huge time savings for you.


Reachability The Apple approved way to verify what type of network connectivity is available to your app.

ASIHTTPRequest If your app requires connectivity to the web you need this.


SFHFKeychainUtils greatly simplifies working with the Keychain API.

gtm-oauth The Google Toolbox for Mac-OAuth controllers.

Database / XML

sylisa-dblite A lightweight C++ wrapper for SQLite.

TouchXML A high-performance library for parsing XML (via DOM).

GDataXML Another library for parsing XML (via DOM).

MWFeedParser A library for processing RSS and Atom feeds.

FMDB Gus Miller’s wrapper for SQLite.

EGODataBase Another library for using SQLite.

JSON-framework: strict JSON parser and generator for Objective-C. Incredibly useful when working with API’s that send results as JSON.

Social Networking

ShareKit Easily integrate with the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Three20 The mother of social network integration libraries.

MGTwitterEngine Matt Gemmell’s Twitter integration library.


cocos2d is a framework that simplifies 2D game development.

OpenFeint not so much a utility framework but a platform to help promote your games.

Other game engines available for iOS (in no particular order) include:



Appirater helps you get feedback on your app by requesting a review after a configurable amount of time or number of app runs.

SensibleTableView Not free (as in beer) but this could be a huge timesaver if your app uses TableViews extensively.

EGOTableViewPullRefresh This custom UITableView with refresh functionality is used in the Facebook app and many others now.

UI help

OmniBase: The Omni Group has several frameworks that they have made available to all developers. These are frameworks that they themselves use and built for their own apps.

MBProgressHUD Matej Bukovinski’s library for displaying nice progress indicators.

TDBadgedCell: UITableViewCell subclass that adds badges like MobileMail.app to your UITableView.

TapKu Library: A collection of popular API’s such as CoverFlow, ChartView, and Calendar.

TouchCustoms — Memory management, ratings, progress bars, more (GitHub Offline)

s7graphview — Graphing

Ad Hoc Distribution

Hockey Helps you with ad-hoc distribution for beta testing.

TestFlight Another useful service for ad-hoc distribution.


A lot of the libraries in the above list are very useful, very current and widely used so there should be a lot of examples around on how to use them. I recommend the ASIHttpRequestShareKitFlurry , GData Objective-C ClientFacebook iOS SDKRegexKitListTouchJSONJSON Framework for Objective-CCore Plot and SDWebImage because I have used them recently. The rest I haven’t used recently so I cannot recommend them. You can also read 10 iOS Libraries to make your life easier. for more information about some of these libraries.


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