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Trust me! Before you make an MMO, try making a 3D action RPG similar to Zelda for the Nintendo 64. It will be 1000 times more feasible, but still very very challenging if you could accomplish even a small percentage of what Zelda is.

I'm not like most people. Most people will tell you that your ideas are not important. That ideas are cheap. You could have a great idea for an MMO; however, you need the resources and know how to do it. ( Having written that, you should look at nearly 30 MMOS listed on Steam. They're not all doing so well.)

Things you'll need at minimum to make an action/or Final Fantasy style turn based RPG:

An artist will need traditional drawing, painting, sculpting and animation skills with a willingness to learn digital skills. Gimp can be used for 2D and blender for 3D. With traditional skill in hand, you'll need another 3 months getting the basics of their digital equivalents.

If utilizing an RPG kit, a programmer will still need at least basic java script skills and at the very least a month or two playing/scripting with the engine.

(Absorb Unity tutorials.)

Someone will need to act as the planner to make sure there is a feasible schedule-- learn to use Microsoft Project or Open Project.

A little money will help as well. There are RPG kits available in the asset store and enough art assets on the asset store and about the web to facilitate an RPG.

Yeah it's feasible more now than ever for a new team to make an RPG without a ton of experience or money.

Still want to do an MMO?

There is a class offered by http://3Dbuzz.com on creating an MMO with unity. But it's not drag and drop type of kit stuff.

The following aren't Unity, but let's consider unity step 1 and these step 0. (0 comes before 1 remember.) Once you're done with these easy kits you can graduate to Unity if you want.

It's not MMO kit but nonetheless a 2D RPG tool for the average person to make something: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/ ( A few people (very few) have made some money with their rpgmaker creations.)

Realm Crafter (basic version) (google it) is a great toolkit if you want to make a not so massive "MMO"-- say 8 players max with little to no skills and you don't want to make it commercial. The basic version is made for folks to goof with, but they're working on another more serious version. (Don't hold your breath for version 2 though.)

There are many 2D engines-- most free. This is the way to go if you want the quickest results with the least amount of time learning tech skills.

http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/eclipse/ (eclipse will get the job done) http://www.mmorpgmaker.org/ ( 2D mmo wouldn't load at writing-- but was maybe just down for a bit) lots of others -- research it

Again, goof with those and then come back to Unity for an easier entry into your idea.
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