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First you must register with Apple to be an official Mac developer (costs $99).

Then you must download OS X 10.6.6, Xcode 3.2.5 and Application Tools 1.1
And, of course, you have to create your own App ID, Mac App and Installer Certificates.http://developer.apple.com/certificates/



After you are all setup as an Apple developer (see above) and have your Unity game developed, follow these steps to package your game for the Mac App Store….

1. Build in Unity for Mac Intel Only

2. Show Package Contents of the .app

2.a. Edit Info.plist
<string>(c) 2010 Iterations Software LLC. All rights reserved.</string>

2.b. Replace Resources/UnityPlayer.icns with one that is 512×512

2.c. Change permissions on /Data for “everyone” from “no access” to be “Read only”

3. In Terminal…

3.a. codesign -f -s “3rd Party Mac Developer Application: randy edmonds” ZenOfClover.app

3.b. productbuild –component ZenOfClover.app /Applications –sign “3rd Party Mac Developer Installer: randy edmonds” zenofclover.pkg

3.c. Delete the .app file after productbuild has created the .pkg (or the installer test will not work).

3.d. sudo installer -store -pkg ZenOfClover.pkg -target /

4. Verify that your app is installed in Applications

5. Ready to submit the .pkg to iTunes Connect!

I have an app submitted and “waiting for review”. Hope it is accepted!

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