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Character Customization

Learn how to make Customizable Characters in your game, and learn something about AssetBundles along the way.


This project serves two purposes:

  • Having a drop-in solution where it gets really easy for you to have customizable characters in your game.
  • Having a sample project that uses AssetBundles extensively, so you have some reference on how to use them effectively.

The project includes all the fbx files that were used to generate the example assets. Please feel free to use the code and artwork for your own Unity productions.

Please note that this example project requires Unity Pro due to its use of AssetBundles, a Pro-only feature.

Getting Started

Download this screencast (Quicktimeavi) to get a headstart on how to use the system.

Avatar Creator

One example usage of the system, included with the demo, is an avatar creator, where you get to dress up your character, change the clothing, etc. Check out the live webplayer demo

Virtual World

The second example usage, is a scene that simulates a virtual world scenario, where you have to display many differently looking character at the same time, and where you sometimes even have to display them before all their assets have been fully downloaded yet.Check out the live webplayer demo


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