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Explosion Framework

Create good looking, scalable explosions in less time.


Detonator for Unity makes incorporating good explosions easier for all types of developers. At its most basic level, Detonator is a component that can be attached to any GameObject. At runtime it then creates an explosion with configurable color, size, duration, detail, and sub-elements like sparks, smoke, and shockwaves.


For those that want to dig in a bit, Detonator is an explosion framework. Customize each sub-component or create new ones if you want to write a bit of code. Tweak detail levels with a single parameter and save your favorites to prefabs… or dynamically link color to damage type and size to damage amount!


The Detonator Parametric Explosion Framework has been developed by Ben Throopfor the Unity Summer of Code 2009.
The current version is 1.02.


Detonator is compatible with both Unity and Unity Pro. It is not supported on Unity iPhone.

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