PowenKo, iOS Tutorial 146, AdMob

1. get admob acount here

2.get publish id

(2)choice iPhone / iPad

(3) get publish id 發佈商ID.

3. download SDK
Google AdMob Ads SDK for iOS

4. get code
You can download an
example project

or see see Google AdMob Ads iOS Fundamentals to code

5.define MY_BANNKER_UINT_ID as your AdMob Publish ID

6. build

PS:第一次執行是看不到廣告的 ,要等至少2分鐘才會接收成功

7not wait to test 不想等可以這麼做

[bannerView_ loadRequest:[GADRequest request]];


[GADRequest *testRequest = [GADRequest request];
testRequest.testing = YES;
[bannerView_ loadRequest:testRequest];

so you can see

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