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Fremont CA ,April 13-14,iPad UI Design Considerations

Apple has always been popular for creating cutting edge technology. Apple iPad is one of the prime examples of this phenomenon. It is a spectacular device created to grab attention and offer better user experience.  This handy tablet computer has multiple features like web browser, e-book reader, gaming device, movie player, music players et al. iPad is designed to give its end users the best of the applications with advanced technologies and modern features.

The true early adopters of the iPad are IT decision makers. They are mid and senior level executives and professionals in IT industry. Half of them are based in US and the rest are scattered around Europe and Asia. They bought iPads for personal use and are gradually more willing to spend evening & weekend time using iPad for business to conduct research and catch up on news & emails. With the arrival of 3G spectrum, iPad applications can now be used for business applications making it hot favorite amongst corporate.

More than one million iPad Applications have already been sold in the market. With so many applications up and many in process of development, iPad Application Development is becoming one of the sought after things in the market. The popularity of iPad has resulted in opening the doors of a completely new iPad app development industry.



  • The students of this course should have a basic working knowledge of the Objective-C and optionally C programming languages as outlined in the “iOS/Objective-C beginning, 4 days” class syllabus.  The lessons and lab exercises in this course are based on having a beginning understanding of Objective-C and we will not have time to cover those basics.  If you feel you do not meet this requirement please consider taking the “iOS/Objective-C Beginning, 4days” class first.


About the Instructor:  Mr. Powen Ko, LoopTek CTO

Focusing on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android mobile phone application development, Mr. Ko won for two consecutive years the Golden Disk Award of the game design competition since 1993, his game was awarded the Best Puzzle Game of the Year on the Game Monopoly 1998.  He and his team have developed nearly a hundred applications in iPhone AppStore and Google Android Market, a variety of which ranked in the Top 10 list, and also many embedded system software applications for IPTV, Android TV, Digital signature and eBook reader.  Mr. Ko is also a professor and lecture at Beijing MIICEIC, Taipei Chinese Culture University and Taipei Institute of Information Industry, promoting Android, iPhone and J2ME smart phone techniques.  Mr. Ko has published five books and over a hundred essays on the topic of computer technology.


Course cost and dates:   $798

April Class April 13-14 (9am-5pm)

Course details:

Day Content
Day 1 #.iPad IntroductionLab Exercise: iPad Temperature Converter App#.iPhone iPad universal app
Lab ExerciseiPad Tax Calculator  App

#.Apple iPad UI guidelines

Lab Exercise: iPad  UI App

#.iOS Tab UI

Lab ExerciseMy iPad  Web browser  App

#.iPad  API-  part1 Toolbar UI

Lab Exercise: My favorite Bookmark App

#. iPad API- part2

#.iPad API- part3

Lab ExerciseiPad  news  App how to support  iOS landscape orientation

#.Memory Control.

Lab Exercisecatch memory leak on your code.

#.Gesture control

Lab Exercise: handwriting recognition App

#. Custom UI
Lab Exercise My Own  UI framework

#.Design your own proprietary framework / the Lib

Day 2 #.iOS 5.0 part 1Lab ExerciseTV App#. iOS 5.0 part 2

Lab Exercise: online shopping cart App

#.iOS 5.0 part 3

#. iOS 5.0 part 4

Lab ExerciseStoryboard App

#.iOS 5.0 Part 5

Lab Exercise: ARC’s technology development greatly reduces memory issues App.

Lab Exercise no more memory problem App

#.iOS 5.0 Part 6

Lab Exercise : cloud file App

#. Advertising

Lab Exercise: my ads App

#.P2P technology

Lab Exercise: the exchange of cell phone photos

#.Plug-in design.

#. background App

#. More on the implementation of thread-related topics.

  • NSThread.
  • NSTimer.
  • Quick comparison of the object – NSPredicate.
  • How to use multi-core to improve performance of Background processes.
  • The GCD – Grand Central Dispatch.
  • How to design your App for interruptions such as receiving a phone call.

Great examples of Excellent iPad UI design and implementation

case study 1:  BBC News

case study 2:  TV Guide for the iPad

case study 3: iBooks

case study 4:  FlipBoard

Lab Exercise copy cat.

Practice and experience sharing

Comprehensive Exercises

Experience sharing

Q & A


Relevant documents provides

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