//create a new intent and specify that it's target is SecondaryActivity...
            Intent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContext(),newpage.class);
            //load the intent with a key "myKey" and assign it's value
            //to be whatever has been entered into the text field...
            //launch the secondary activity and send the intent along with it
            //note that a request code is passed in as well so that when the 
            //secondary activity returns control to this activity, 
            //we can identify the source of the request...
            startActivityForResult(intent, SECONDARY_ACTIVITY_REQUEST_CODE);

protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent intent){
super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, intent);
Bundle extras = intent.getExtras();
        String t1=extras.getString("returnKey"):



     Intent intent=this.getIntent();
        Bundle bunde = intent.getExtras();
        String t_appslink_url=bunde.getString("title");

….. do something…..return… fish page..

 Intent intent = new Intent();
                //add "returnKey" as a key and assign it the value
                //in the textbox...
                //get ready to send the result back to the caller (MainActivity)
                //and put our intent into it (RESULT_OK will tell the caller that 
                //we have successfully accomplished our task..
                //close this Activity...

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