PowenKo, Android Tutorial 096, Multi language Unlocalized Application


Locale Code Language / Country Location of strings.xml Location of flag.png
Default English / United Kingdom res/values/ res/drawable/
de-rDE German / Germany res/values-de/ res/drawable-de-rDE/
fr-rFR French / France res/values-fr/ res/drawable-fr-rFR/
fr-rCA French / Canada res/values-fr/ res/drawable-fr-rCA/
en-rCA English / Canada (res/values/) res/drawable-en-rCA/
ja-rJP Japanese / Japan res/values-ja/ res/drawable-ja-rJP/
en-rUS English / United States (res/values/) res/drawable-en-rUS/

more tutorial:


more tutorial: http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/localization/index.html

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