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The NDK includes a set of cross-toolchains (compilers, linkers, etc..) that can generate native ARM binaries on Linux, OS X, and Windows (with Cygwin) platforms.

It provides a set of system headers for stable native APIs that are guaranteed to be supported in all later releases of the platform:

  • libc (C library) headers
  • libm (math library) headers
  • JNI interface headers
  • libz (Zlib compression) headers
  • liblog (Android logging) header
  • OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 (3D graphics libraries) headers
  • libjnigraphics (Pixel buffer access) header (for Android 2.2 and above).
  • A Minimal set of headers for C++ support
  • OpenSL ES native audio libraries
  • Android native application APIS


 NDK download here

Installing the NDK

windows here  Android NDK r5 windows系统上安装与使用

Develop on eclipse:

if installed successful, you could create c++ on new project

write a first NDK

1. new a android project.

2. in this project, select  “new\otehr\convert to a C/C++ project”

3 select your project  and select convert to c or c++ “c++ project”

4. create 3 folders, “native”,”libs”,”obj”

5. update path and symbols, select “Properties\c/c++ General\ Paths and symbols”,
add your xxx/native to tere, and remove xxx, like below image

good reference:








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