Calendar cal=Calendar.getInstance();
String tY=String.valueOf(cal.get(Calendar.YEAR));
String tM=String.valueOf(cal.get(Calendar.MONTH));
	if (tM.length()<2){ tM="0"+tM;  }
String tD=String.valueOf(cal.get(Calendar.DATE));
	if (tD.length()<2){ tD="0"+tD;  }
String tH=String.valueOf(cal.get(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY));
	if (tH.length()<2){ tH="0"+tH;  }
String tMin=String.valueOf(cal.get(Calendar.MINUTE));
        if (tMin.length()<2){ tMin="0"+tMin;  }
String t_allCurrentTime=tY+tM+tD+tH+tMin;

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