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To better explain how to obtain a file’s URI, let’s assume that we are trying to get the URI of a video named intro.3gp which is in the /res/raw folder. Here’s the code to get the URI:

  1. Uri introURI;
  2. introURI = Uri.parse(“android.resource://your.app.package/” + R.raw.intro);

Now let’s assume the same intro.3gp is at the root of the SD card. The code to correctly get the file’s URI would be:

  1. String introURI;
  2. introURI = Uri.parse(“file:///sdcard/intro.3gp”);

And that’s it! This method can also be used to obtain any file URI. Expanding a little bit the previous example, to correctly play the video file while using the emulator, instead of usingsetVideoPath(String path) like:

  1. String introURI = “file:///sdcard/intro.3gp”;
  2. VideoView videoView;
  3. //…Omitted videoView initialization…
  4. videoView.setVideoPath(path);

Obtain the video URI, as show on the previous examples and use the setVideoURI(URI uri)method, like this:

  1. Uri introURI,
  2. //obtain the URI of the video file from the ‘res’ folder
  3. introURI = Uri.parse(“android.resource://your.app.package/” + R.raw.intro);
  4. //or get it the URI from a the video file at the SD card
  5. //introURI = Uri.parse(“android.resource://your.app.package/” + R.raw.intro);
  6. VideoView videoView;
  7. //…Omitted videoView initialization…
  8. videoView.setURI(introURI);

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