How to Make a 3D Model

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welcome; moderators please sticky this thread if it is considered helpful enough.
These are the videos that have given me the opportunity to learn everything from model creating to compiling.
everything you need in order to learn how to model in 3d and how to bring a finish product in is found here on this thread; however, if you have lost all hope in your modeling skills, please visit my other thread that gives away free 3D models for commercial and personal use; link here:

Tutorial videos below; Collaborating is fun, actually helping is better:

*****I have also included some important Unity 3d videos*****

SketchUp to Blender:…kmz-models.php

Unity 3d:

Video trace:

[you need to ask for the beta]

Cinema 4D to Unity3d:…eature=related

Unity 3D tutorial:…rmTutorial.pdf

UV mapping:

Basic coloring:…eature=related

Run Cycles:…eature=related

UV mapping in detail:

Vertex shading and UV mapping:…ng-uv-mapping/

UV mapping in detail 2:

Ocean in unity 3D thread:…r=asc&start=15


Unity 3d basic water:…eature=related

Maya Modeling:

Maya Modeling 2:

Blender character modeling:

texturing in blender:

Blender texture maps:!v=WXctblThi5w&feature=related

Advanced blender texturing:!v=36kAAJ4CC8c&feature=related

That’s pretty much it; as you may have noticed, there are lots of videos describing not just 3D modeling. All rejoice!

Don’t forget to help to Unity3d community when something comes up.

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