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Android 4.0 Development Tutorial

Development with Android Gingerbread and Eclipse

This tutorial describes how to create Android applications with Eclipse. It is based on Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo), Java 1.6 and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).



Tutorial 000, note, Frequently used acronyms
001, Install Android SDK on MAC
002, Install Android SDK, Hello World , simulator
003, android 4.0.x 新功能
008-1, String, String format
Tutorial 09-1, Array, ArrayList
009-2, Array, HashMap


Tutorial 010, UI, TextView
Tutorial 010-1, UI, TextView marquee
010-2,TextView android:textStyle
textviewalignmentcenterright 10-3, TextView, ‘gravity’ property
TextView, read from raw
011-3, UI, TextView, Font
11-4, TextView, Font change different font
11-5, TextView, scrolling.


Tutorial 011-1, UI, ImageButton , different kind of way to call ClickListener
Tutorial 011-2, UI, ImageButton-pressed and up change image


012, UI, EditView
012-1, EditView onChange event in Android
android:lines 012-2 ,EditText in Android
012-3, EditText widget to be readonly
012-4, EditText ,Right align EditText android
012-5, EditText , signal line, only one line.
012-6, EditText layout style
012-7, EditText display hint string
012-8, EditText ,TextChangedListener,onEditorAction
012-9, EditText, IME keyboard type.
012-10,EditText, text resize font automatic.
013-1, UI, ImageView, display image from local file.
013-2, UI, ImageView, display image from URL, set wallpage
013-3, UI, ImageView, display image from local, if no exit , download it
013-4, UI, ImageView, slideshow 13-5, UI, ImageView xml


UI > ImageSwitcher
Action bar
Action Bar,
Action Bar, search and last page
Customizing the Action Bar


014, UI, AutoCompleteTextView
018, Activity, Activity
018-1, Activity, change page and pass data t next page.
018-2, Activity, Activity with animation
018-3, Ani, Changing the animation between Activities
018-4, onDestroy()
Activity > Go back to previous activity
back and result
Bundle, change activity and pass data
Bundle, change activity and pass data and return result.
019-0, Dialog, Menu
019-0-0, Dialog, create options Menu
019-1, Dialog, Toast
019-2, Dialog, Toast with position
019-3, Dialog, Custom Toast with position
019-10, Dialog, Creating Dialogs
080-4, Thread, progressDialog
080-4-2, progressDialog
019-15, Dialog, Color pick Dialog
019-16, Dialog, PopupWindow
019-17, Dialog, PopupWindow resize
019-18, Dialog, PopupWindow with viewFlipper, menu
019-19, Dialog, Sliding drawer
019-20, Dialog, Custom dialog.
080-10, thread ,AsyncTask, Dialog Loading ProgressBar
UI Layout design
020, Layout, Linear Layout
020-1, Layout,Merging Layouts
020-2, Layout,tiled background
020-3, Layout, Linear Layout 9 Grid
020-3-2, Layout, Linear Layout 9 Grid Center
020-4, Layout, include other layout
020-5, Layout, TableLayout
020-6, Layout, TableLayout, dynamically adding rows to TableLayout
020-7, Layout, add other layout via code at the run-time
20-21 GridView
20-20, GridView Gallery

UI Bar Status

021-1, UI,Remove Title Bar on Android Application
021-1-1, UI, 使用設計 Title Bar
021-2, UI,Android Hide Status Bar
021-3, UI,Status Bar,Creating Status Bar Notifications
022 UI , status status display icon and action.


Tutorial 025, Input, customer , Dragging and Dropping
How to receive volume up/down indications in the app

UI Tab

2 Tutorial 029-2, UI, Tab at the bottom of the screen
3 Tutorial 029-1, UI, Tab via layout xml
1 Tutorial 029, UI, Tab
4 Tutorial 029-3, UI, Tab at the bottom of the screen via XML
76 Tutorial 029-4, UI, Tab How do I change the background?
5 Tutorial 029-5, UI, Tab with navigation function.
Tutorial 029-6,
UI, Tab How do I change the background of an Android tab widget?
8 029-7, UI, Tab customizations
029-8, UI,TabHost, Tab How do I change the background?
29-9, UI, Tab,How to change the font size of tabhost


032-3, ListView, Custom ListView items and adapters
032-4, ListView, Custom ListView items and adapters extends Activity
032-5, ListView, slow way, good way, fast way,
032-6, ListView, Speed up via hardware.


Tab with fragments


39-2, Sound, Analyze the frequency and strength of sound in Android
39-3, Media, play http video
39-4, Media, play local video
Sound effect part1

Voice Recognition

Custom UI

Tutorial 040, UI, Custom iphone style spin on android.
Tutorial 040-1, UI, Custom iphone style spin and multi list on android
040-2, ,customer UI,wheel widget
040-2, UI, Custom iphone style spin with XML component.
040-3, UI, Custom odometer
Tutorial 041, UI, Custom, iphone uisegmentedcontrol like on android
Tutorial 042, UI, Custom, iphone style UISearchBar like on android
043, image process, custom button.
043-2, custom UI, Button
043-1, custom your UI components on XML Layout.
Tutorial 047-1, ScrollView, Custom ScrollView items and adapters
047-2, Layout, iphone style table
047-5, ScrollView, Viewflipper
android, Tutorial 048, UI, customer , ebook flip effect.
48-2, customer UI, ebook effect
48-3, customer UI, ebook effect, eBook.Page Curl for Android
048-1, UI, customer , coverflow
Tutorial 049, UI, Custom, pdf reader
Sliding Drawer

Internet function

050-0, internet, Check internet and link to setup page
Tutorial 050, internet, http Get request
Tutorial 051-1, internet, http Post request
Tutorial 051-2, internet, http SOAP
Tutorial 051-3, internet, http SOAP with kSOAP 2 lib
052-1, internet, Twitter
052-2, internet, search Google Plus public posts
053-1, internet, download, download image and save to local file.


054-1, internet, WebView begin
054-2, internet, WebView in view
054-3, internet, WebView in view and display loading progress
54-4, WebView, Intercepting page loads in WebView
54-5, WebView, get the html source code.
54-6, WebView,android call java function
54-7,Webview,Adding alert() support to a WebView
55, http, file, Download Very large file.
55-1, http,BufferedInputStream
How to display a local file in the Android WebView
Data process , XML, JSON
Tutorial 060, Data, XML XmlPullParser solution
Tutorial 060-1, Data, SAX XML Parser
Tutorial 060-2, Data, DOMParser
Tutorial 060-3, Data, PList parser
Tutorial 061, Data, JSON, json-simple
Tutorial 061-1, Data, JSON,JSON PRC lib
62 SQLitee
Google, spreadsheets
google, calendar,google-api-java-client
065-1, File, read and write, get last Modified time
065-2, File, read and write, copy all folder and subfolder, SD files to APP , APP files to SD
065-3, File, write , check file and delete
065-4, File, get Cache Dir, File Dir
65-5,File sd card file read and write
65-6, File, Check file is exit?
065-10, File, zip
File,Uri, resource, sd card, http
Android Tutorial 070,security, SHA-1 hash
Android Tutorial 070-1,security,MD5
Tutorial 078, hardware, Google USB Driver
078-1, hardware, URI, Tel, SMS, Map, Email, Email with ImageView
080-1, Thread, Runnable clock
080-2, Thread, Timer clock
080-3, Thread, AsyncTask
080-4, Thread, Handler And Run, update the UI at the thread mode progressDialog
80-20, Thread Handler , download in background


84-1, get google key, android maps api
84-2, get gps
84-3, GPS, get mapView lat and long on the pixel point.
84-2-1, Get the phone’s last known location using LocationManager


84-3, map, display map.
84-3, map, display map zoom
84-4, map, display icon on map.
Android上ozi的简单制作 84-10,map, Android上ozi的简单制作
085-1, Animation, move rotation
085-2, Animation,Animation_Alpha
085-2, Animation,Animation move.
085-3, Animation,move roller Scrolling Text
085-5, Animation,Scale
085-6, Animation,XML
085-10, Animation,Animation Rotation
100, animation , Creating animation
animation > shake


surfaceview > save surfaceview to file

Image Process

086-1, image process,Combine two images in android java
the final result, showing an image with transparency Remove background
086-2, image process,How to BAKE rounded corners


087, canvas in your android apps
087-2, Canvas, Draw text
change image
Canvas > bitmapmesh


88-Quartz, circle
88-1 , Quartz, circle with background image
88-2 , Quartz, square with background image


Android, Tutorial 090, System, Android input method editors
090-1, System, software keyboard hide and show
090-2, System, software keyboard hide and show part2/2
090-3, System, software keyboard, detect back key
090-4, System, software keyboard, Are you want to quit message alert
095, System, Date and Time
095-1 System, Time, get current time, date
096, Multi language Unlocalized Application
97,System, get display dimensions
98, System, MessageHandle Registrant
99,System Control you android device remote.
IMF > Android开发实例详解之IMF(Android SDK Sample—SoftKeyboard)
IMF> Android注音輸入法
110, web api , JAR, add jar
Tutorial 110-1, web api , JAR, Create an Android Jar Library JAR
110-2 , framework, Make and use jar
110-3, web api , JAR, create jar via ant
Tutorial 111, web api ,Using Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet API’s for Android
120-12, Opengl with android UI
120-13, Opengl with android user input
191-0,Debug, Try{}catch{}
091, System, Memory Leaks
95-2, Time stamp.
test case
Lib > Google Analytics SDK for Android ,libGoogleAnalytics.jar
Lib >
Android Tutorial 200, NDK , Hello NDK
210, hardware, IOIO
211, Hardware, Android Open Accessory Development Kit

212, Hardware, beagle board

290,Release key, sign key keystore
290-1,Release, install apk on you or someone phone
AP 300, PowenKo’s Android Market
301, APP,Calendar
401, 使用Hierarchy Viewer
Android, supportFunctions
android reference
UI Guidelines for mobile and tablet web app design
Android Tablet,Tablet UI patterns
other tutorial web site:;jsessionid=2AB085EE36E60FFD5B16347BFD00518B
App > Lists

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