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PowenKo,Tutorials, Standard Assets (Mobile)


PowenKo,Tutorials, Standard Assets (Mobile) it has 6 sample code . CameraRelativeSetup FirstPersonSetup FirstPersontilt PlayerRelativeSetup SidescrollSetup TapControlSetup let description one by ...

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PowenKo, Unity Package, Penelope


Penelope Learn all the details of iPhone development with this tutorial.   Tutorial package in the Asset Store Read this ...

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PowenKo, Unity package,Terrain Toolkit


Terrain Toolkit Create good looking, realistic terrains easier. About The Terrain Toolkit is an integrated set of tools ...

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PowenKo, Unity package,Unity Remote


Unity Remote Test out your iOS projects with your device controlling Editor playback   About The Unity Remote allows you ...

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PowenKo, Unity package,Locomotion System


Locomotion System Make characters dynamically walk and run on any uneven terrain. About Take a look at how semi-procedural ...

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PowenKo, Unity package, Explosion Framework


Explosion Framework Create good looking, scalable explosions in less time. About Detonator for Unity makes incorporating good explosions easier for ...

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PowenKo,Unity Package,Texture Plugin


Texture Plugin   This project demonstrates how to make your own C++ plugins to extend Unity’s base functionality.   ...

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PowenKo,Unity Package,Procedural Examples

admin-powenko Procedural Examples This project highlights how to create procedural content in Unity. See how in ten simple sample ...

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PowenKo,Unity Package,Character Animation

admin-powenko Character Animation See how to control animations from Scripting, three simple scenes lay down the basics. About ...

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