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  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 40-1, Audio, mp3 decoder

    Libmad on Android with the NDK So i was porting all the decoders i had build for the onset detection tutorial to C++, using libmad as the mp3 decoder of choice. After getting that to work on the desktop properly i had to make it work on Android too. Now, there’s no build of libmad […]

  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 100, Lib, Lib Listing.

    Game glesquake   GL ES Quake: A port of Quake to OpenGL ES and the Android platform

  • PowenKo, NDK tutorial 6, Begin , function design.

    document from: Reading Documentation Some very good documentation comes as part of the Android NDK package. Also included in the NDK package are some good example files. There is also a wealth of documentation on line. On line, you can find documentation about native code development for java in general as well as specifically for […]

  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 005, Begin, NDK power

    Google has updated the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) to Revision 5, and Googler Chris Pruett takes some time to explain the awesomeness that comes with.  The NDK allows developers to use native code to build applications, and then interacts with the Android Gingerbread SDK (Software Development Kit) to create an application that will run in Android.  Chris has a […]

  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial,Begin, Android SDK & NDK Part 2: Android talks C++

    The Android NDK works a bit like JNI (Java Native Interface) which allows to connect Java programs to C/C++. With NDK, you can compile dynamic and static libraries using the provided cross compilation chain (i.e. a way to create program on a foreign platform or processor). Although not all Android APIs can be accessed yet […]

  • Protected: PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 001-1, install and run on Windows.

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  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 05, my first NDK on Eclipse

    #. create a Android project “MyAndroidProject” #. In file manager create  “jni” directory in your project directory #. create a jni/ Simple example of file: and place your C/C++ sources file here. Also put here file which is a makefile that tells Android build-system how to build your files. #.  create a jni/native.c   #.Now create a folder called jni, […]

  • PowenKo, NDK, Tutorial 002, Install Eclipse CDT

    PowenKo, NDK, Tutorial 002, Install Eclipse CDT 1. open Eclipse and add plug-in

  • PowenKo, NDK, Tutorial 003, Install NDK on MAC with Eclipse

    (1) Install CDT, this will make Eclipse convenient to edit C++ sources here. (2) Anyedit plugin is recommended. Download from It’s not required, but very useful to edit various types of files Installation Please use Eclipse update manager to install this plugin. Eclipse 3.3 – 3.4: Go to “Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install… […]

  • PowenKo, NDK, Tutorial 001, Install NDK on MAC

    Install NDK on MAC 1. download NDK from here. 2. unzip and move to Applications\android-ndk-r6b 3, open export Path setting,  open the USR\(Your name)\.bash_profile 4. update .bash_profile 5. Build Hello-Jni open Terminal AP and go to “samples/hello-jni”/ folder in NDK, then type the command “ndk-build” to start compilation.  6. please make sure your has install […]