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  • JNI method and constructor signature cheat sheet

      I just started learning LS2J, and the JNI signatures that are required when getting methods and constructors are a bit hard to understand. Here are my findings so far.   B=byte C=char D=double F=float I=int J=long S=short V=void Z=boolean Lfully-qualified-class=fully qualified class [type=array of type> (argument types)return type=method type. If no arguments, use empty argument types: (). […]

  • NDK OpenGL ES Cube

  • NDK, OpenGL ES ,The first triangle

    The first triangle This will be another long tutorial. OpenGL 3 makes it easy to write complicated stuff, but at the expense that drawing a simple triangle is actually quite difficult. Don’t forget to cut’n paste the code on a regular basis. The first vertex is (-1,-1,0). This means that unless we transform it in […]

  • NDK, openGL ES Tutorial listing

    Fastest 2D frame rate possible with android NDK, my try included, better options available?       for the Android SDK ,

  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 8, What is the NDK?

    document source from  :     What is the NDK? In this document When to Develop in Native Code Contents of the NDK Development tools Documentation Sample applications System and Software Requirements The Android NDK is a toolset that lets you embed components that make use of native code in your Android applications. Android applications […]

  • PowenKo, NDK Tutorial 7, Begin, NDK 7 review.

    document source from : Android NDK, Revision 7 (November 2011) Download the Android NDK The Android NDK is a companion tool to the Android SDK that lets you build performance-critical portions of your apps in native code. It provides headers and libraries that allow you to build activities, handle user input, use hardware sensors, access […]