Android sample applications

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Sample applications 

Gesture Sample Sample android gesture application
Gesture Detector Sample Sample android application that uses GestureDetector class to detect difference common gestures
Sensor Sample Sample android application to show how to use Android hardware sensors
Multi-touch Sample Sample android application to show how to use multi-touch gestures
Camera Sample Sample android camera application
TrafficInfo Sample android application to show traffic information (needs 2.2 or above)
DetectCalls Detecting incoming and outgoing calls in Android
ConnectionTest Android network connectivity BroadcastReceiver
LogViewer Simple logcat viewer sample application
RSSReader Simple RSS reader sample application
AppLauncher Launching external applications in Android
TimeZoneSample Using time zones in Android
CheckGPS Checking GPS is enabled or not in Android
TTSSample Using Text to Speech in Android
IPAddress Getting IP address of the device in Android
SMSDemo Sending and Receiving SMS in Android
BatteryInfo Getting battery information in Android
SpeedDemo Getting speed of the device using GPS in Android
GeocodingSample Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding in Android
NotificationSample Using Status Bar Notification in Android
PhoneStateSample Using TelephonyManager and PhoneStateListener in Android
GPSSample Programming GPS on Android and calculating distance between two geographic locations
CarDockSample A simple and minimal custom car dock application that just shows information text and does nothing
SNTPClient A simple and minimal SNTP client based on Java SNTP Client
CameraEffectsDemo A sample application to show how to use the camera effects such as color effects, white balance, etc. (Android 2.0 onwards)
MusicPlayer A simple music player application
ExifInfo A sample application to read EXIF information from a picture file using ExifInterface class
GPSLogger A sample application to demonstrate Service Application in Android, logs the GPS coordinates of the device into a file at specified intervals
DetectFace A sample application that detects face(s) in an image taken from Camera. This application uses class to detect face.
PatternWallpaper A sample live wallpaper application.
Audio Record 1 A sample audio recorder application using MediaRecorder class
Audio Record 2 A sample audio recorder application using AudioRecord class
aws A bare minimum web server for android platform
GPS Widget A sample AppWidget which shows the GPS coordinates the the device.
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