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  • 2012/06/24-26 Shenzhen, Android4.0 and peripheral devicescontrol (miiceic)
  • 2012/06/20-22 Beijing, Unity cross-platform design includesinterface design, teaching and game development (miiceic)
  • 2012/05/25-27 Beijing, Unity cross-platform design includesinterface design, teaching and game development (miiceic)
  • 2012/05/20-23 Beijing, Android4.0 and peripheral devices control (miiceic)
    2012/03/27-29 Unity Shenzhen cross-platform design includesinterface design, teaching and game development (miiceic)
  • 2012/04/26-28 Shanghai, application and development of things(medium line)
  • 2012/04 / 21 ~ 24, Shenzhen, and iOS Android application framework design patterns and development of advanced training for Open API (miiceic)
  • 2012/04/17-19    Beijing, Things of internet   (miiceic)
  • 2012/04/13-14        Fremont,CA,    iPad UI Design Considerations (Shin Shin Training Center)
  • 2012/04/7-8            Fremont,CA,   Android Beginning Mobile Aps  (Shin Shin Training Center)
  • 2012/03/30-4/1      Fremont,CA,    iOS/Objective-C Beginning,   (Shin Shin Training Center)
  • 2012/03/27-29 Unity Shenzhen, cross-platform design includesinterface design, teaching and game development via Unity 3D (miiceic)
  • 2012/03/25-26 Shenzhen, Things of internet  (miiceic)
  • 2012/03/16-19       Fremont,CA,     iOS/Objective-C Beginning,   (Shin Shin Training Center)

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