iOS Speak Japanese.


    AVSpeechSynthesizer* speechSynthesizer = [[AVSpeechSynthesizer alloc] init];

   NSString* speakingText = @"おはよう!北海道函館市沖の津軽海峡で27日に転覆した作業船「第18明祐」(19トン、4人乗り)から28日、約15時間ぶりに船室から救助された甲板員、永田勝行さん(64)=長崎市=は、船体が傾いて船室に「空気だまり」ができたため、一命を取り留めたとみられる。第1管区海上保安本部(小樽市)は「非常に幸運だった。救助できたのは奇跡だ」と話す。(毎日新聞)";
    AVSpeechUtterance *utterance = [AVSpeechUtterance speechUtteranceWithString:speakingText];
    AVSpeechSynthesisVoice* JVoice = [AVSpeechSynthesisVoice voiceWithLanguage:@"ja-JP"];
    utterance.voice =  JVoice;
     [AVSpeechSynthesisVoice speechVoices];
    utterance.rate = AVSpeechUtteranceMinimumSpeechRate; // Tell it to me slowly
    [speechSynthesizer speakUtterance:utterance];

You can set one of the bellow language:

 for (AVSpeechSynthesisVoice *voice in [AVSpeechSynthesisVoice speechVoices]) {
            NSLog(@" %@", voice.language);

this is the list with the supported languages:

Arabic (Saudi Arabia) - ar-SA
Chinese (China) - zh-CN
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China) - zh-HK
Chinese (Taiwan) - zh-TW
Czech (Czech Republic) - cs-CZ
Danish (Denmark) - da-DK
Dutch (Belgium) - nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands) - nl-NL
English (Australia) - en-AU
English (Ireland) - en-IE
English (South Africa) - en-ZA
English (United Kingdom) - en-GB
English (United States) - en-US
Finnish (Finland) - fi-FI
French (Canada) - fr-CA
French (France) - fr-FR
German (Germany) - de-DE
Greek (Greece) - el-GR
Hebrew (Israel) - he-IL
Hindi (India) - hi-IN
Hungarian (Hungary) - hu-HU
Indonesian (Indonesia) - id-ID
Italian (Italy) - it-IT
Japanese (Japan) - ja-JP
Korean (South Korea) - ko-KR
Norwegian (Norway) - no-NO
Polish (Poland) - pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil) - pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) - pt-PT
Romanian (Romania) - ro-RO
Russian (Russia) - ru-RU
Slovak (Slovakia) - sk-SK
Spanish (Mexico) - es-MX
Spanish (Spain) - es-ES
Swedish (Sweden) - sv-SE
Thai (Thailand) - th-TH
Turkish (Turkey) - tr-TR

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