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Powen Ko is LoopTek CTO located in San Jose, CA ,USA http://www.looptek.com

Focusing on Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android mobile phone application
development.   Mr. Ko won for two consecutive years the Golden Disk Award for
the game design competition.
Mr. Ko’s game was awarded the Best Puzzle Game of the Year on the Game Monopoly 1998.

LoopTek has branches in Beijing and Taipei. LoopTek has nearly a hundred applications in iPhone AppStore and Google Android Market, a variety of which ranked in the Top 10 list, and also many embedded system software applications for IPTV, Android TV, Digital signature and eBook reader.  Mr. Ko is also a professor and lecture at Beijing MIICEIC, Taipei Chinese Culture University and Taipei Institute of Information Industry, promoting Android, iPhone  and J2ME smart phone techniques.  Mr. Ko has published five books and over a hundred essays on the topic of  computer technology.

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